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Australian Immigration Visa Services

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Australian Visas Thailand offers immigration and visa services to Australia. We are an Australian Immigration visa consultant offering Business visa, tourist, student and work permit visa service for Australia.

There are a number of visa options which you can apply to travel to Australia. We’ve divided the visa classes into the following four categories:

  • Australian Temporary Visas
  • Australian Skilled Migration Visas
  • Australian Family Migration Visas
  • Other Visas for Migration to Australia

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Visa Types

The Australian Visa Thailand offers visa and immigration services to Australia including tourist visas, Partner and Student visas and skilled migration.

Before applying, applicants should decide the visa under which they wish to lodge their visa application. Applicants need to find the Australian visa most likely to meet their specific circumstances.


Fees for visa applications must be paid at (or before) the time the application is lodged. There are many factors to consider when quoting visa pricing. These figures should help provide a useful range but please let us know your circumstances so we can give you the most competitive price.

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