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Often you will hear people say getting a visa to Australia is very hard, but the reality is as long as you meet the basic criteria it could not be easier.

Many people make it much harder for themselves than is necessary, and hopefully this article will assist people to be successful the first time.

  1. Make sure you choose the right visa, complete the appropriate application form and fill out all answers correctly and accurately.
  2. It sounds obvious, but answer all questions fully and honestly. Mistakes, omissions or errors may not get picked up this time, but could come back to haunt you in future applications, and lead to cancelation of your existing visa or refusal of new applications in the future. If you realise you have made a mistake update the Embassy ASAP.
  3. Don’t be too proud or stubborn to get advice – but make sure the advice is from a trusted source and not “bar rumors”. Often people rely on bad information or advice, with disastrous consequences. If you pay for assistance, use a registered migration agent or lawyer, beware of scammers and unqualified people who guarantee results or use questionable practices. I have seen too many people pay too much money to get worthless advice or assistance.
  4. For a list of agents go to
  5. Plan ahead for what your future wishes are, as statements and facts you provide now can bind you for the future. Don’t mis-characterize relationships, it could come back to cost you in the future. Do be aware though of what impact this might have on your pension or other social security rules and payments.
  6. Don’t assume the embassy has the information about you or understands your situation. Every application is different, so make everything very clear and spell it out to assist the decision maker to understand everything, don’t assume knowledge, understanding or that information provided in previous applications is known for the new application.
  7. Allow plenty of time for your application to be reviewed and approved, in case further information is requested, or your first application is unsuccessful. From experience most applications that are refused can be fixed and successfully re-submitted addressing the weakness from before. When you re-submit your application it is very important to remember point 5 above, don’t just focus on the area of refusal.
  8. Always submit a complete application, being lazy in providing supporting evidence and explanation is often the reason for delays at best, and in the worst case a refusal. Make sure you tie all aspects of the application together, and that it is clear and makes sense to anyone looking at it without any prior knowledge or needing any new information.

Hopefully this is helpful and will allow you to have a successful Australian visa outcome the first time!

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