Tips to Getting An Australian Visa The First Time

Australia is the world’s largest island yet the smallest continent. It is an ideal tourist destination and also a great place to live. It is a place that you are sure to love as it has something for everyone.

If you are planning to visit or migrate to Australia, there are a couple of things you need to prepare. One of the most important is to get a visa. Below are 2 simple tips which can help you in your visa application:

1. Seek assistance

Getting an Australian visa will be easier if you consult a registered migration agent. They can check and review your application and guide you along the process.

Aside from letting you know the probability of succeeding in your application, a registered migration agent can also provide advice on applying for different types of visas later down the track. Do not hesitate to ask for help, as simple advice at the start may save a lot of pain and hardship later.

2. Don’t forget to double check the details

Proof read your visa application before submitting it. Ask a family, friend or a registered migration agent to look over your application to avoid problems. A little extra care could make the application process go much smoother. Don’t rush writing your application. If you need time, then better take time and get it right the first time. The fees for visas are getting very expensive, so you do not want to throw away money that could easily be avoided.

If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact Simon Wetherell or call 095 085 3355.

How to Choose a Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agent is a licensed and government regulated individual who assists people who want to visit, study, work or migrate to another country. Since immigration laws differ from country to country, it would be helpful to seek assistance of a registered migration agent. Should you decided to hire a registered migration agent, below are five (5) simple steps you can follow to have a smooth visa application:

  1. Recommendations from family and friends are good

If you know someone who already migrated from one country to another, you can ask that person who’s the migration agent he hired. Ask about his experience and his feedback regarding the service provided by the migration agent.

  1. Verify the qualification and background of the migration agent

When meeting the migration agent, make sure they are registered. Ask for his license or anything that could verify the validity of his qualifications. You may also ask for reference or proof of successful services provided to clients and business details.

  1. Inquire about the fees and additional charges that may be added

Get a copy of all the fees and services and study them. Make sure you understand every fee and services before you pay. If there are any specific assistance you will be needing, ask the migration agent if it is already included in the service fee or if it is an additional fee. This way, confusion and conflicts will be avoided.

  1. Ask about the preparation you need before the visa interview

Make sure your hired migration agent is willing to coach you before you have the visa application interview. Ask for possible questions which may be asked or have him refine your answers. An experienced migration agent will not just help you prepare before the interview but will also do mock interview to give you a glimpse of scenario of the actual visa interview.

  1. Read first and make sure you understand what you read before signing

Before signing any contract between you and your migration agent, make sure you have read all the pages and understood them. If there is any confusion from your end, ask him to clarify it for you. Most of all, avoid signing any falsified documents.

Applying for a visa should not be too difficult if your hired migration agent is an experienced and qualified one.

If you are planning to visit, study, work or migrate in Australia and needs assistance for your visa application, do not hesitate to contact Simon Wetherell via this number +66 95 085 3355.

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Why Study in Australia

Australia is renowned for its amazing climate and comparatively relaxed lifestyle. A growing number of international students are choosing Australia for their study. With that, we have put together a list of reasons why you should consider Australia for your study.

Australian Visa - 29

Below are 5 reasons which will surely convince you to pack your things right away and study in Australia:

1. In Australia, there are a huge number of courses being offered to international students. Students often enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to tailor their studies and choose a study path that is parallel with their personal goals and aspirations.

2. Australian universities and other institutions offer something unique and rarely seen in other locations. Most universities hone students’ creativity, innovative thinking and encourage them to do independent analysis and thinking. This kind of approach is refreshing and inspiring for many international students.

3. International students in Australia are trained to work in a team and to have effective communication and interaction skills. Together with practical skills and intellectual abilities, students are being taught not just to be ready for their chosen field but also for them to be globally competitive and successful.

4. Studying in Australia help international students to use their initiative and develop their independence as learners. International students are encouraged by teachers, lecturers and tutors to explore problems and situations at a deeper level and come up with solutions which are unique yet practical.

5. Most importantly, degrees and qualifications earned in Australian educational settings make international students attractive to employers. Actually, some employers choose to recruit directly from Australian Universities.

Are you now convinced to study in Australia? Then, if your answer is yes, it’s time for you to get your Australian study visa. Call us @ +66 95 085 3355 to process your visa application.

Why You Should Get Expert Advice with Your Visa Application

Getting a visa can be a complicated and lengthy process. Visa requirements, and the time visa application take to process vary from country to country. The large demand for visas, and the legality involved in processing them mean that applications can take time and considerable effort.

The high demand for visas combined with the sheer volume of visa applications being processed means that any errors in a visa application can cause considerable delays, or, in the worst case scenario, denial of entry.

To avoid delays or your visa being refused it is recommended that you seek expert assistance. Help from an expert who deals with visa applications daily, knows exactly what is required, and knows the process can make your life much easier.


Why should I get help when applying for a visa?

When applying for an Australian, UK, US, or EU visa the first thing one notices is the amount of different visas that are available. It can be tricky to pick out which visa best suits your needs or, simply, which visa you are eligible for. Family visas, work visas, business visas, B1, B2, non-B, non-A, the list goes on. Each of these has separate requirements and financial costs. Where to start? A visa expert knows the ropes; they deal with these questions daily and know the process.


Are you aware of changing immigration laws?

Immigration laws are subject to constant change. It is the job of immigration experts to be aware of changing laws and know how these will affect applicants. They are able to tell you what documents you require. Instead of waiting weeks or months to find out if your documentation is in order, an expert can tell you immediately. In order to avoid delays it is recommended that one seeks advice from an immigration expert.


What do you need for a successful visa application?

Having your initial visa application rejected can be extremely inconvenient and frustrating. Get your visa application right the first time. Visa requirements and costs are not always made clear and can result in your application being turned down. Don’t waste time and money on an application that is doomed to fail because your documents are not in order. Knowing which documents to include or exclude is the difference between a successful application and a failed one.

Visa experts know what you need and can save you time, money and effort without the risk of your application being slowed in a bureaucratic backlog.

Avoid the disappointment and inconvenience of a failed visa application and use an expert with a knowledge of the ins-and- outs of the visa application system.

Migration laws must not impinge people’s traditional rights and freedom

The federal government must establish an independent review of Australia’s migration laws immediately to make sure they are not impinging on people’s traditional rights and freedoms as recognised by common law, says Migration Institute of Australia National President Angela Julian-Armitage.

Ms Julian-Armitage, who is a Registered Migration Agent and Barrister-at-Law, made this statement in response to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Final Report Traditional Freedoms and Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws which found many elements of the current Migration Act may limit people’s traditional rights and freedoms and should be reviewed and justified.

Read the full media release here

Source: MIA News

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Client Choice Award: Best Visa Specialist – Australia

Client Choice Award: Best Visa Specialist – Australia

We are very happy to announce that we were the proud winners of the above award.

“It is a matter of pride to us that Acquisition International’s, 2015 Immigration Awards has  announced us as Best Visa Specialist – Australia for the year. It is real recognition of our dedication,  sincerity and hardwork that our satisfied clients have made this happen.” 

This came as a great surprise and we would like to thank those that nominated and voted for us!

For more information on the award and details please visit the link below.

Client Choice Award – Best Visa Specialist – Australia

Media Release: No support to sell visas to the highest bidder

The Migration Institute of Australia is confident the Productivity Commission has come to the right conclusion that immigration to Australia should not be primarily price-based.

This recommendation is one of several released today as part of the Productivity Commission’s draft report Migrant Intake into Australia. The report undertakes a thorough analysis of the current system of migration ranging from the categories of migration to the monies that people should be required to pay to migrate to Australia.

Read the full media release here

Source: MIA News

Media Release: More scrutiny is needed to ensure all foreign investmen

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) agrees with the Federal Government’s view that more needs to be done to ensure any foreign investment into Australia is secured with clean money.

As reported by the ABC’s 4 Corners program last night, there are areas where improvement could be made which the Federal Government is currently looking into. One item needing attention is tasking one area of the public service to be responsible for ensuring no corruptly gained money is invested into Australia.

Read the full media release here

Source: MIA News