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The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) welcomes the recent investigation and legal action being taken by the Fair Work Ombudsman into 7-Eleven franchisees. Some 7-Eleven franchisees have allegedly been severely underpaying their workers, many of whom are here on international student visas says MIA National President Angela Chan FMIA.

As detailed in the joint ABC 4 Corners and Fairfax investigation aired last night, it is alleged that 69 per cent of 225 audited 7-Eleven stores found ongoing payroll issues. In many of these stores, a half pay scam was being used where many workers were working 40 hours, but their submitted timesheets to 7-Eleven head office showed only 20 hours of recorded work. This resulted in these workers being paid as little as $10 per hour.

Read the entire media release here


Source: MIA News

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