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The MIA supports the comments made by the Prime Minister together with the Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten and other prominent politicians about the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran overnight. After an unsuccessful legal battle to save the pair, their executions were two of eight carried out on at Nusakambangan prison in Indonesia just after midnight at 12.25am Jakarta time.

Both men served nearly a decade behind bars at Kerobokan prison, becoming rehabilitated members of the prison community – Chan as a teacher and leader of the church service and Sukumaran as an artist and mentor.  “They both acknowledged that they should be punished for their crimes but pleaded for their death penalty to be commuted so they could continue to help other Indonesian inmates whilst serving a lifetime of imprisonment.  This was not to be”, said Angela Chan, National President, FMIA.

Read the full media release here 

Source: MIA News

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