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The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) today joins the rest of the nation as it begins the healing process from the tragic series of events which happened in Martin Place during the last 24 hours.

The loss of life during this time is heartbreaking, as is the trauma the freed hostages now face. It is a day that will live on in the memories of all Australians.

“The outpouring of support for the hostages and their families online, in social media and other media platforms has once again demonstrated the true Australian spirit. This was particularly demonstrated with the #illridewithyou movement on Twitter,” said MIA National President Angela Chan FMIA.

The movement has seen thousands of people from across Australia take to Twitter to offer their support and assistance to Muslim-Australians nervous about taking public transport today.

Many thousands of people showed through this hash tag that we are a society capable of supporting our entire community through traumatic experiences in a climate of fear and uncertainty. 

The MIA also welcomes the comments made by The Grand Mufti and the Australian National Imams Council which condemned this criminal act unequivocally and expressed their full support and solidarity with the victims and their families.

These comments have gone a long way in helping promote peace and respect in all parts of the Australian community during these tense times.

“The MIA wishes to thank the NSW Government and emergency service workers for their brave and unwavering determination to bring about a peaceful resolution to the siege. The courage shown by everyone involved has been awe-inspiring,” said Ms Chan.

The actions of the entire Australian community have shown that through great adversity, Australia will always remain a respectful, open-minded and peaceful nation. This sentiment will go along way particularly today – one of the saddest days in Australia’s recent history.

Source: MIA News

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